“I decided to change my lifestyle, eat right and work with Labron when I just couldn’t stand the pain and inflammation any longer!”

Sheila Crutchfield, Killeen, Texas

Sheila Crutchfield, Killeen, Texas

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"I decided to change my lifestyle, eat right and work with Labron when I just couldn't stand the pain and inflammation any longer!"

I had constant knee pain which prevented me from enjoying life the way I wanted.  I also had other overall health concerns.

"Medical doctors only treated the pain, and were unsuccessful to fix the problem."

Labron pinpointed with Nutrition Response Testing the underlying cause of my health concerns.  He educated me on how our whole body and it's harmonious function are crucial in maintaining a healthy body.  Labron has opened my eyes and mind to how the body can repair itself through roper diet and whole food supplements.

"Being on the Total health Restoration program has made me feel good again, lose weight and have abundant energy.  It's total worth the effort."

I see this in myself everyday.  When i stick to healthy eating, I sleep better and have that abundant energy.  Now I don't even have sugar cravings.

"Once Labron pinpointed the cause, the fog lifted immediately!"

Now I'm on the right track.  I have little to no joint pain.  I'm seeing day-to-day improvements.

"Before Labron (I should write a book entitled 'Before Labron') I was literally hitting my head against the wall.  The investment in a Total Health improvement program is TOTALLY worth it."

I had access to the best specialist, but they would just point out my age as the reason for my ailments and say to, "just live with it."

"The service Labron and his staff provides is the kind that makes you want to tell others about."

They're supportive, they answer my questions and explain reasons for each suggestion that's made.  Sometimes they're firm, and I know it's to keep me on tract.  How often do business actually think of your well being?  It's just incredibly rare.  They've been there no matter what crazy question I've had.  Just a GREAT TEAM!

Sheila Crutchfield, Ft. Hood Good Neighbor

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